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Public Lecture Series

2019: Kuala Lumpur
IFSB 11th Public Lecture on Financial Policy and Stability
Fintech, Regtech and Suptech and Their Implications for Regulation and Supervision
Lecture by: Fahad Yateem

Director, Islamic Financial Institutions Supervision
Central Bank of Bahrain

Balancing Sharī‘ah Compliance and Technology-Driven Growth: A Banking Perspective
Lecture by: Ashraf Gomma Ali

Regional Head, Sharia Advisory and Governance
CIMB Islamic Bank, Malaysia

2018: Kuwait
IFSB 10th Public Lecture on Financial Policy and Stability
Islamic Finance Policies: Implications for Industry Stakeholders
Lecture by: H.E. Emeritus Professor Dr. Ishrat Husain

Chairman, Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance
Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan

Financial Policy and Stability: Islamic Finance Perspective
Lecture by: Professor Dr. Monzer Kahf

Professor of Islamic Finance and Islamic Economics
Faculty of Islamic Studies
Hamad bin Khalifa University, Qatar

2015: Indonesia
Entrepreneurship, Islamic Finance and SME Financing
By: Professor Dr M. Kabir Hassan
Professor of Finance and Hibernia
Professor of Economics and Finance, University of New Orleans

2011: Amman
Constraints on Growth in Islamic Finance
By: Baljeet Kaur
Managing Director & Vice Chariman, KFH Research Limited

2011: Amman
The Determinants of Islamic Financial Development and the Constraints on its Growth
By: Professor Rodney Wilson
Director,Islamic Finance Programme, Durham University

2009: Kuala Lumpur
Implications of International Regulatory Change for Islamic Finance
By: Paul Koster
Chief Executive, Dubai Financial Services Authority

2009: Kuala Lumpur
The Recent Crisis: Lessons for Islamic Finance
By: Dr. Abbas Mirakhor
Former Dean, International Monetary Fund's Executive Board

2009: Kuala Lumpur
About the Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability and Prudential Liquidity Supervision, and the Attractiveness of Islamic Finance
By: Yves Mersch
Governor, Central Bank of Luxembourg

2007: Kuala Lumpur
Islamic Finance and Financial Policy and Stability: An Institutional Perspective
By: Datuk Seri Panglima Andrew Sheng
Adjunct Professor Universiti of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and Tsinghua University, Beijing

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