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17 December 2009
The IFSB issues Exposure Draft 11 for public consultation

26 November 2009
The IFSB Council resolves to discuss issues relating to the stability of the Islamic financial services industry

25 November 2009
5th IFSB Takāful Seminar to discuss The Future of the Regulation of Takāful

23 November 2009
Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan to assume Chairmanship of the IFSB Council in January 2010

23 November 2009
The Council of the IFSB admits new members

23 November 2009
The IFSB Council Adopts Three Documents

17 September 2009
The Council of the IFSB admits new members

11 August 2009
4th IFSB seminar on legal issues in the Islamic financial services industry to be held in Malaysia

20 May 2009
IFSB, IDB-IRTI and UKTI cooperate in organising a Conference on Emerging Financial Stability Framework

19 May 2009
IFSB promulgates international prudential standards to address specificities of Islamic capital markets

7 May 2009
Sixth Islamic Financial Services Board Summit: Stakeholders state commitment to its continued soundness and stability

21 April 2009
The IFSB membership reflects the growing interest among the Islamic financial services industry's stakeholders in the work of the IFSB

13 April 2009
Islamic Financial Services Board to hold its first annual Summit in South East Asia

9 April 2009
IFSB to hold Seminar on Prudential and Governance Framework for Islamic Finance

26 March 2009
Singapore Senior Minister lends patronage to 6th IFSB Summit

18 March 2009
IFSB Plots Future of Global Islamic Financial Services Industry at its 6th Annual Summit in Singapore in May 2009

20 February 2009
The IFSB adopts Standards on Islamic Collective Investment Schemes and Sukûk Securitisation

28 January 2009
H.E. Hamad Al Sayari assumes Chairmanship of the Council of the IFSB for 2009

20 January 2009
Banque de France to host IFSB-FSI Islamic Financial Services Forum in Paris

13 January 2009
Seminar on Islamic Finance aims to be catalyst for the development of Islamic financial services industry in Korea

5 January 2009
The IFSB issues three Exposure Drafts for public consultation

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