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The IFSB Organises Workshop on Capacity Building for Market Players (CBM) in Indonesia In Conjunction with the 14th IFSB Summit 2019

Date posted: 31 October 2019

31 October 2019, Kuala Lumpur - The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) is organizing a Capacity Building for Market Players (CBM) Workshop in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia on 14-15 November 2019. This workshop will be hosted by the Bank Indonesia at the Jakarta Convention Centre in conjunction with the 14th IFSB Summit 2019.

The 2-days Workshop will focus on the following IFSB Standards:

  • GN-6 : Guidance Note on Quantitative Measures for Liquidity Risk Management; and
  • IFSB-10: Guiding Principles on Shari`ah Governance Systems for IIFS

The workshop will also include a panel discussion on the application of Blockchain in Islamic Finance, where subject matter experts will be sharing their thoughts and experience about this topic. 

Overall, the Workshop aims to:

  1. Enhance the participants’ understanding of the respective Standards and Guiding Principles thereby facilitating the implementation of these standards in their respective jurisdictions;
  2. Assist the participants in the practical application of issues addressed in the particular standards through case studies, hands-on exercises and other interactive tools; and
  3. Promote the sharing of experiences among the participants on the implementation of respective IFSB Standards and Guiding Principles.

The FIS Workshops are part of the IFSB’s support to its members based on the Strategic Key Result Area 2 (SKRA 2) on the Facilitating the Implementation of Prudential Standards and Capacity Development under the IFSB’s Strategic Performance Plan (SPP) 2019-2021”, to assist member organisations in adopting and implementing the IFSB Standards.

For IFSB Members interested in participating in this workshop, please register online at the IFSB website https://www.ifsb.org/register_online.php?act=addnew&e_id=410.

For enquires on IFSB workshops and membership services, please contact the IFSB Secretariat at ifsb_sec@ifsb.org.

For registration, https://www.ifsb.org/register_online.php?act=addnew&e_id=405.

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