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The IFSB Organises Workshop on Takāful in Malaysia

Date posted: 8 October 2019

8 October 2019, Kuala Lumpur - The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) is organizing a Facilitating the Implementation of the IFSB Standards (FIS) Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 29-31 October 2019. This workshop is tailored for the regulatory and supervisory authorities for the Takāful sector.

The 3-day Workshop will focus on the following IFSB Standards:

  • Introduction to Takāful (Islamic Insurance)
  • IFSB-8: Guiding Principles on Governance for Takāful Undertakings;
  • IFSB-10: Guiding Principles on Sharī`ah Governance Systems for IIFS;
  • IFSB-11: Standard on Solvency Requirements for Takāful Undertakings;
  • IFSB-14: Standard on Risk Management for Takāful Undertakings);
  • IFSB-18: Standard on Risk Management for Takāful Undertakings); and
  • IFSB-20: Key Elements in the Supervisory Review Process of Takāful / Retakāful Undertakings

Overall, the Workshop aims to:

  1. Enhance the participants’ understanding of the respective Standards and Guiding Principles thereby facilitating the implementation of these standards in their respective jurisdictions;
  2. Assist the participants in the practical application of issues addressed in the particular standards through case studies, hands-on exercises and other interactive tools; and
  3. Promote the sharing of experiences among the participants on the implementation of respective IFSB Standards and Guiding Principles.

The FIS Workshops are a part of the IFSB’s support to its members based on the Strategic Key Result Area 2 (SKRA 2) on the Facilitating the Implementation of Prudential Standards and Capacity Development under the IFSB’s Strategic Performance Plan (SPP) 2019-2021”, to assist member organisations in adopting and implementing the IFSB Standards.

For enquires on IFSB workshops and membership services, please contact the IFSB Secretariat at ifsb_sec@ifsb.org.

For registration, https://www.ifsb.org/register_online.php?act=addnew&e_id=405.

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