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Effective Risk Management (Module II) - Implementing Effective Stress Testing and Financial Safety Nets for Islamic Banks: Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Date posted: 31 May 2019

31 May 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – After the success of its first Executive Programme in 2018, the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) is organising its second Executive Programme (EP) which will be held on 17 and 18 July 2019 at Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This year, the EP is themed, “Implementing Effective Stress Testing and Financial Safety Nets for Islamic Banks: Governance and Regulatory Compliance", which is the second module of the IFSB’s Effective Risk Management series targeted at the Board of Directors and senior management of institutions offering Islamic financial services (IIFS). The EP intends to provide a platform for industry leaders and top management as well as regulatory and supervisory authorities to engage in high-level discussions and exchange industry experiences, on the subject of emerging risks and effective tools, strategies and best practices to manage emerging risks and issues faced by IIFS, and in particular, the implementation and oversight of effective stress testing programmes and appropriate financial safety nets for IIFS.

The EP aims to facilitate a better understanding of the issues confronting the Islamic financial services industry (IFSI), and thus contribute towards advancing the development of the industry. Effective risk management, stress testing and financial safety nets are particularly important focus-areas given the more challenging global financial environment amid the heightened geopolitical uncertainties and increased potential for financial vulnerabilities as well as the ongoing changes in the dynamics of the financial services industry. The key takeaways from the EP will include providing insight on implementing effective tools and global standards to strengthen the resilience and stability of the IFSI and to address or mitigate a potential financial crisis.

The two-day Executive Programme will discuss:

  • IIFS and Emerging Risks in a Changing Financial Environment
  • Managing the Emerging Risks for IIFS
  • Moderated Session: Governance of effective Stress Testing in IIFS
  • Digital Transformation of Risk Management in IIFS: Experience Sharing
  • Effective Financial Safety Nets for IIFS: Role of SLOLR and SCDIS in an Era of Uncertainty
  • Panel Discussion: Way Forward - Regulatory Priorities in Addressing Evolving Risks in the IFSI and Financial Stability

At the end of the two-day programme, participants will be updated on the emerging risks and issues for the IIFS in the current global environment, the latest approaches to risk management as well as on issues and best practices in stress testing of Islamic banks for effective risk management governance and compliance with global regulatory standards, as well as insight on overcoming the challenges in developing appropriate financial safety nets for Islamic banks and the various developments in this respect through shared industry experiences.

Board of Directors, Senior and middle management from regulatory and supervisory authorities and market players from the IFSB members and non-members jurisdictions are encouraged to participate in this second module of the Executive Programme.

Interested participants are invited to register at www.ifsb.org. Please contact Mrs. Ida Shafinaz Ab. Malek (ida.shafinaz@ifsb.org) for further information.

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