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IFSB - BIBF to Continue Islamic Finance Executive Programme in October 2018 Covering Topics on Fintech, Regtech and Islamic Finance

Date posted: 5 September 2018

5 September 2018, Kuala Lumpur / Manama – The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) and BIBF are organising their third joint IFSB-BIBF Islamic Finance Executive Programme (IFEP) series, themed, "Fintech, Regtech and Islamic Finance," on 17 and 18 October 2018 in Manama, Bahrain.

The third edition IFSB-BIBF Islamic Finance Executive Programme (IFEP) with the theme "Fintech, Regtech and Islamic Finance" will focus on the role of fintech in the Islamic finance industry, the threats and regulatory challenges that fintech impose on the industry.

This Islamic Finance Executive Programme aims to address the rise of fintech in the Islamic finance industry, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges of new fintech products in the market. The programme will shed light on the new innovative digital products in Islamic finance, the application of blockchain technology and Sharīʻah opinion in cryptocurrencies. It will also discusses the role of regulatory and supervisory authorities (RSAs) in regulating fintech and the need for a wide-ranging reconceptualisation of financial regulation in an era of technology-enabled finance, cybersecurity threats, consumer protection measures along with risk management practices by Fintech providers are among the topics that will deliberated by panelists on this programme.

The panel session, as a key feature of this Islamic Finance Executive Programme will highlight key issues and challenges in Islamic capital markets relating to the Sharīʻah framework, the resilience of its infrastructures as well as develop policy recommendations drawing on the views and experiences of both supervisors and market practitioners.

Among the topics which will be covered are:

  • Digital Products and Islamic Finance
  • Application of Blockchain in Islamic Finance
  • Moderated Session: Regulatory and Legal Framework for Fintech
  • Fintech and Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity Threats and Protection of Financial Assets and Consumer Protection in Fintech
  • Panel Discussion on Digitisation of the insurance industry and learnings for the Takāful industry

The IFEP is ideal for regulators and supervisors of the fintech sector and of Islamic financial institutions (IFIs); Chief Executive Officers and Board Members of IFIs, regulators and supervisors of the Islamic capital market, regulating P2P exchanges and crowdfunding platforms; senior managers in risk management, Sharīʻah governance and compliance functions; middle management of IFIs involved in product development, technology banking, and corporate strategy; auditors, lawyers, academicians and researchers in the fintech sector and Islamic Finance.

For further information of IFEP, visit www.ifsb.org. or contact Mrs. Ida Shafinaz Ab. Malek at ida.shafinaz@ifsb.org for enquiries.

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