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Organisational Structure


General Assembly

The representative body of all the members of the IFSB namely Full Members, Associate Members and Observer Members.


The senior executive and policy making body of the IFSB. It shall consist of one representative from each Full Members who shall be the senior executive officer of that Full Member or such other senior person nominated to represent him from time to time.

Technical Committee

The body responsible for advising the Council on technical issues within its terms of reference (as determined by the Council). It shall consist of up to thirty persons selected by the Council and shall have a term of office of three years.

Working Group

A committee established to be responsible for drafting standards and/or guidelines.

Task Force

A committee established to be responsible for undertaking ad-hoc tasks.

Editing Committee

A committee established to be responsible for the translation of the IFSB documents from English to Arabic.


The permanent administrative body of the IFSB. It is headed by a full-time Secretary-General appointed by the Council on such terms and conditions determined by the Council. The Secretariat is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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