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Implementation > Train of Trainers (ToT) Program - How to Apply

Train of Trainers (ToT) Program - How to Apply

  1. Staff of member RSAs

    For the staff of the IFSB member RSAs to be considered for ToT program, their respective organizations need to nominate them based on the defined requirements stated above. Nomination letters should be sent with copies of their CVs to the IFSB Secretariat at implementation@ifsb.org.

  2. Direct SME Applicants

  3. Please e-mail your CV at implementation@ifsb.org with indicated area of interest (Islamic banking/Takaful/ICM). IFSB Secretariat will review CVs against the general qualifications and established criteria for pool of experts.

Selection Process for the Database
  • Received CVs will be reviewed by IFSB management within 2 weeks after submission;
  • If management expresses interest, an interview will be conducted (in-person/phone/online);
  • The further notification will be sent to applicants to update on their status and invitation for the ToT programme.
  • All successful participants in the ToT will be included into the Database will be provided with the necessary support including online workshops and e-learning tools.
Selection Process for IFSB's External Mission

Please note that selection process may vary based on a mission or segment type.

  • IFSB Secretariat will be addressing its database to match mission’s scope with profiles and capabilities of Subject Matter Experts;
  • Once mission candidates identified, IFSB Secretariat will invite experts for a preliminary interview (in-person/phone/online);
  • Final interview will be conducted with candidate by IFSB management for a quality assurance assessment purpose.
  • Contracting the selected Subject Matter Expert for a particular mission.
Compensations to SMEs for the IFSB External Missions
  • Financial Benefits as per IFSB internal Policies. The financial benefits will depend on the type, duration and seniority of the SME.
Who Should Apply

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