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IFSB Digitalisation Platform
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About the Platform

The IFSB Digitalisation Platform is a platform established to gather and disseminate information on innovation and digitalisation in the Islamic Financial Services Industry (IFSI) through collaboration and cooperation among a wide network of stakeholders including standard-setters, regulators, supervisors, industry experts and market players. It intends to facilitate the exchange of information, dialogue and coordination among stakeholders, to identify and highlight the critical trends in digitalisation and technological innovation in the IFSI and to develop in-depth insight into these technologies that can be shared with regulators and other stakeholders. It also serves to complement the IFSB’s technical work programme by providing data and inputs for standard development and research work.

The main objectives of the Platform are:

  1. To identify and monitor the critical trends in digitalisation and technological innovation that affect the IFSI and gain more in-depth insight into new developments and disruptors affecting the IFSI.
  2. To serve as a focal point for cooperation, dialogue and knowledge-sharing amongst key stakeholders including policy makers, supervisors and industry experts on innovation and digitalisation in the IFSI.
  3. To gather insight that will further guide standard-setting work and regulation of the IFSI in pace with the digital transformation of the industry to ensure stability and resilience of the IFSI

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