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As at April 2017, the 183 members of the IFSB comprise 70 regulatory and supervisory authorities, seven international inter-governmental organisations, and 106 market players (financial institutions, professional firms, industry associations and stock exchanges) operating in 57 jurisdictions.

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1. Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam Brunei Full Member
2. Bangladesh Bank Bangladesh Full Member
3. Bank Al-Maghrib Morocco Full Member
4. Bank Indonesia Indonesia Full Member
5. Bank Negara Malaysia Malaysia Full Member
6. Bank of Mauritius Mauritius Full Member
7. Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency Turkey Full Member
8. Banque Centrale De Djibouti Djibouti Full Member
9. Capital Markets Board of Turkey Turkey Full Member
10. Central Bank of Bahrain Bahrain Full Member
11. Central Bank of Egypt Egypt Full Member
12. Central Bank of Iraq Iraq Full Member
13. Central Bank of Jordan Jordan Full Member
14. Central Bank of Kuwait Kuwait Full Member
15. Central Bank of Mauritania Mauritania Full Member
16. Central Bank of Nigeria Nigeria Full Member
17. Central Bank of Sudan Sudan Full Member
18. Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Full Member
19. Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Turkey Full Member
20. Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Full Member
21. Dubai Financial Services Authority United Arab Emirates Full Member
22. Indonesia Financial Services Authority Indonesia Full Member
23. Islamic Development Bank International Inter Governmental Organizations Full Member
24. Monetary Authority of Singapore Singapore Full Member
25. National Bank of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Full Member
26. National Insurance Commission Nigeria Full Member
27. Qatar Central Bank Qatar Full Member
28. Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Saudi Arabia Full Member
29. Securities and Exchange Organization Islamic Republic of Iran Full Member
30. Securities Commission of Malaysia Malaysia Full Member
31. State Bank of Pakistan Pakistan Full Member

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