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Category:IFSB-FIS Workshop
Name:[EVE00212] IFSB FIS-Workshop Series

The Workshops are hosted by Bangladesh Bank Participation is BY INVITATION only. For more information on the Workshops, please email Mrs. Azizakhon Yarlaeva at aziza@ifsb.org

Start Date:25/09/2013End Date:26/09/2013
Venue Name:Dilkusha Room, First Floor, Hotel Purbani International Ltd., 1 Dilkusha Rd., Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
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  Programme - Event Session(s)

Date Time Topics
Day 1


09:00 - 09:30 Registration
09:30 - 09:50 Opening Remarks by the IFSB and Bangladesh Bank
09:50 - 11:15 Session 1: Overview of the IFSB Guiding Principle on Risk Management for the IIFS
  • Islamic Finance: Concept and Contracts and Risks Implication for IIFS
  • Overview of Prudential Issues in IIFS
  • IFSB key Risk Categories
  • Guiding Principles on Liquidity Risk Management for IIFS
  • Funding and Market Liquidity Risk
  • Necessary Conditions for an Effective Liquidity Risk Management in IFSI
  • Governance Structure: Role of the Board of Directors and Senior Management
  • 11:15 - 11:30 Coffee Break
    11:30 - 13:00 Session 2: Guiding Principles on Liquidity Risk Management for IIFS
  • Identification of Liquidity Risk
  • Interactions of Liquidity Risk and Implications of Islamic Financing Contracts
  • Measurement of Liquidity Risk
  • Diversification of the Funding Base
  • Consolidated Management of Liquidity Risk
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch and Prayers
    14:00 - 15:30 Session 3: Guiding Principles on Liquidity Risk Management for IIFS
  • Maintaining High-Quality Liquidity Buffer
  • Preparing a Contingency Funding Plan
  • Managing Sharī`ah-Compliant Collateral
  • Collaboration between IIFS
  • Meeting Payment and Settlement System Obligations
  • Foreign Exchange Liquidity Risk
  • Reporting and Disclosure of Liquidity Risk
  • 15:30 - 15:45 Coffee Break
    15:45 - 16:30 Session 4: Guiding Principles Liquidity Risk Management for Supervisory Authorities
  • Responsibility for Supervision of Liquidity Risk & Need for Supervisory Regulations
  • Supervisors’ Role as Provider of Liquidity Support
  • Supervision of Liquidity Risk at Consolidated Level
  • Home-Host and Cross-Sector Supervision of Liquidity Risk
  • Supervisors’ Role in Contingency Planning & Development of Infrastructure
  • Case Study / Group Discussion
  • Day 2


    09:30 - 11:15 Session 5: Understanding Stress Testing for Financial Institutions
  • Stress testing as a Risk Management Tool
  • Stress Testing and Global Financial Crisis
  • International Guidance on Stress Testing and Gap Analysis
  • IFSB Comprehensive Stress Testing Framework for IIFS
  • Governance Aspects of the Stress Testing Framework
  • Identification of Risk Factors and Coverage of Scenarios
  • 11:15 - 11:30 Coffee Break
    11:30 - 13:00 Session 6: Guiding Principles on Stress Testing for IIFS (Cont’d)
  • Specific Elements of IIFS in Stress Testing
  • Stress Testing Methodologies
  • Frequency of Stress Testing
  • Outputs of Stress Testing and Remedial Actions
  • Disclosure of the Stress Testing Programme
  • Case Study on Liquidity Risk Stress Testing
  • Group Exercise
  • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch and Prayers
    14:00 - 15:00 Session 7: Stress Testing Solvency Simulation Exercises:
  • How to Conduct Micro Level (or IIFS level) Stress Testing
  • Capital Requirements Stress Testing
  • Credit risk and Market Risk Related Stress Testing
  • Sharī`ah Non- Compliance Stress Testing
  • 15:00 - 15:15 Coffee Break
    15:15 - 16:30 Session 8: Guiding Principles on Stress Testing for Supervisory Authorities
  • Regular and Comprehensive Assessments of IIFS’ Stress Testing
  • Supervisory Evaluation of an IIFS’s Stress Testing Methodology
  • Designing and Implementing System-Wide Stress Tests and Frequencies
  • Corrective Actions & Regular Supervisory Dialogue with IIFS and the Industry
  • Cross-border Issues and Home-Host Coordination
  • Stress Testing Reporting Disclosures and Format
  • Disclaimer: Please be advised that the above mentioned agenda points are tentative and that the IFSB reserves the right to make any necessary amendments/changes to the programme without prior notification.

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